BelliTamburi – Danza e Ridanza

27 09 2009

thm_7danzaridanzacopBellitamburi ha pubblicato in suo nuovo album su

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Musica: Bellitamburi

Published on 9/18/2009
By Massimiliano Locandro
Scritto da Massimiliano Locandro
Friday 28 August 2009“Dance and ridanza” is the debut recording for Bellitamburi, ensemble led by Antonio Bruno was established in 1997 as a result of long experience live in Potenza, in Florence and Naples, thanks to collaboration with leading composers of the Italian scene, from which have resulted in a highly personal and innovative style of music.
The group has certainly benefited considerably from the meeting with musicians belonging to different cultures and musical styles together, in fact the sounds are presented in the eleven songs that comprise this work are not easily classified as popular music itself “traditional.”
Sure, you start with rhythmic traditional (tarantella, pizziche tarantate and ballads), but the characteristic feature of Bellitamburi is the ability to exploit and accentuate these bases make them obsessive and hypnotic, along with various sounds and tonal detail and accompanied by texts by letting instinctive with great spontaneity.
For once, it is the text to accompany the music and let themselves be carried away by the notes, even if the words do not remain in the background every song manages to evoke images in fact pointing to the earth scorched by the burning sun, with the traditions and customs of Southern Italy and smells “spices” of distant Arab and Saracen.
The innovative character of this particular way of making music is accentuated by the fact that they use tools Bellitamburi DIY (especially in the rhythm section) which can extract sound features and characteristics that at first listen can also “displace” the listener, but subsequent involvement and give that touch of originality to each song.
An innovative debut for this group of experienced musicians, who proves that you can skillfully handle the foundations of popular music, shaping it to your liking and personal style the musical element, proving to be able to fully grasp the essence of the music of the people.




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